One of our fave ladies Katie Holmes has finally entered the 21st century: the actress joined Twitter today. The super private starlet (who was known for literally never speaking during her marriage to Tom Cruise) is totally opening up thanks to her new account @KatieHolmes212 and we love it. Now we feel closer than ever to Joey Potter! Here's what we've learned so far:  

1. She's having crazy fun with Taylor Swift on the set of The Giver in South Africa. New BFF alert! T-Swift is one of the only people she follows. Can't wait to see pics of them braiding each other's hair and watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix.

2. She's not afraid of a good selfie. Work it, girl!

3. She's officially over LA, as she shouts out New York City's area code in her handle. 

Welcome to the family, K-Ho. Here's hoping for some behind-the-scenes pics of Suri's glam-glam closet!