By now, you've maybe seen the name Boy Repeller on Instagram and you've probably had a few questions... who is is this chick, how old is she and - most importantly - any relation to Man Repeller? Well, we've taken the liberty of answering below. You're welcome.

1. She's 11-years-old, and her name is Vivian Dushey. Yup, you read that right, 11! ...when most kids her age are stressing over which lunchbox to bring to school, she's picking out Isabel Marant purses. Move over Tavi, there's a new (younger) kid on the block!

2. She looks exactly like Man Repeller's Leandra Medine. We dare you to tell us they aren't long-lost sisters. Vivian also considers Leandra her inspiration.

3. She's connected in the biz. Her mom is a stylist and socialite named Fortune who pops up in tons of swanky party pics, and her first cousin is designer Rosie Assoulin's hubby and business partner.

4. She doesn't mind freaking boys out. 'When I come into class all the boys run away screaming, but that's the way I like it,' she writes on her blog.

5. Her signature accessories? Statement necklaces! Just like her big sis in the blogosphere (who coined the infamous 'arm party'), she has a thing for 'fiestas' on her neck.