Emma Watson's style tour continues. Last night she turned up at the London premiere of Noah, the epic biblical drama she stars in with Douglas Booth, and she nailed the red carpet, '90s style. Ms. Watson wore a white Ralph Lauren Collection dress with cutaway shoulder neckline, plus pointed shoes and a silver clutch. Her hair was in a prom-style updo with gem clips across the back (cute) and she accessorized with matching gold bracelets

What else did we see? Emma had a pretty hefty entourage (her makeup artist was constantly on hand to make sure she looked flawless) and she was the last star on the red carpet (actually a sea-print carpet), insisting on talking to fans right up until the last minute. Brownie points and style points.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming video interview with Em's co-stars Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman (swoon!), and for more style tips from Emma, check out how she makes a single earring look super fly.