Let's face it, workwear has a tendency to be pretty blah. The easiest way to switch it up? Try a new color combo — and pale hues are where it's at. Here are three ways to wear white:

1. Swap a black biker jacket for white. Leave your black biker for the weekend. A crisp white version looks slick for work, especially with a shirt collar poking out from underneath (pictured left).

2. Give white pinstripe pants a whirl: A black peg pant is standard workwear uniform. Introduce a white pair with a navy pinstripe and they become a whole lot more interesting (middle).

3. Wear a white suit (yes really): A classic-cut dark suit is undeniably a staple. But if you mix up the proportions — think looser, longer lengths — and try a white or light version, you'll still look professional… and not to mention cool as can be (right).

Styling: Zara Mirkin

Want to know what else you can wear for work? Patterned jackets.