Pre-millenium, a bucket hat was a raver's accessory of choice, and later, a fundamental part of a rap star's uniform (Eminem and Pharrell loved 'em in the early 2000s). Now there's an army of cool girls going crazy for them all over again, giving the accessory a brand new lease of Spring '14 life. Proving fisherman styles are still stage appropriate, singer-songwriter Liz Y2K (pictured left) wears her leopard-print bucket with trippy-colored sweaters, a manic mix that works perfectly alongside her housey Britney 2.0 tracks. Then there's Instagram cutie Amelia Muqbel (center) and Melissa Forde (Rihanna's BFF, right) who make a pretty convincing argument that a selfie ain't no thang unless you're styling out one of these babies. 

Check out why hi-lo hemlines are having a moment.