This week Venus Williams tweeted that she'd be wearing some seriously bright bras under her Wimbledon whites. So far, so standard. But renegade Williams was in fact rebelling against the tennis club's tightening of their "almost entirely white" policy, which demands that even "undergarments visible during play should contain no more than 1cm of colured trim." Whoah! Doesn't the 137-year-old tennis club know there is a major trend of flashy bras going on? 

Cara Delevingne (right), Alessandra Ambrosio (left) and basically the whole of Instagram are down with the strap-revealing, color-popping, bra-under-garm reveal. We suggest you think stuck-up Wimbledon rules: out, flashy rules: in, which means non-tradish colors, shouty prints (floral and leopard are winners), plus unusual intricate straps for maximum showing-off, fancy-nancy purposes.  

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