So, you're going camping. And you've got this windbreaker which you've had, in like, forever, that your dad gave you when you were 14. And the colors really are, well, shocking, but it's just so darned — whisper it — ractical. Fear not! As front row fave Bianca Brandolini has shown, camping clothes can look srsly fashionable — she wore this sleeveless jacket (it's by Miu Miu — the brand is all over the windbreaker look for fall) when she attended the Miu Miu resort show in Paris recently. How, you wonder, does she do it? Three rules: hair, long and glossy (with not even a whiff of campfire); dress, short and sassy (you still want to look attractive to the opposite sex), and shoes high and dainty (see previous point). Et voilà. Camping gear made chic. Just don't ask us how to put up a tent. 

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