We've been waiting for the arrival of Blake Lively's lifestyle website, Preserve for some time. So when it launched last night with a mix of stories, essays, videos and a store covering food, style, home, culture, wellness and, um, "intimacy," we were very excited to check it out. We were expecting, basically, the BTS world of Serena van der Woodsen IRL (pretty interiors, jealousy-inducing style snaps, Ryan Reynolds in an apron, the usual). But no! Preserve is something completely, totally different. Three things that surprised us include: 

1. It's gothy. Like, it bears a striking resemblance to The Harry Potter World website, gothy. Think black background and wood paneling. Chic! 

2. There's a recipe for "Kick Ass Baby Back Ribs," and the store is filled with barbecue sauce. We know Blake was a foodie, but this is next level awesome. 

3. Oh, and the introductory film is so insanely gorgeous and polished it looks like it could have been shown at Sundance. Sigh. Some gals just have it all. 

Nail city girl chic like Blake on the streets of NYC.