The classic 1986 movie Top Gun had EVERYTHING: the hottest boy in Hollywood (Tom Cruise), action (naval pilots in extreme flying scenarios), macho nicknames (Maverick, Iceman, Viper…) and cheesy lines that would last forever ("I feel the need, the need for speed!").

On Tom Cruise's 52nd birthday, we're saluting the style of his Top Gun co-star Charlie Blackwood, played by Kellie McGillis (sorry Tom, your character Maverick may have helped sell a zillion pairs of Aviator sunnies, but Kellie was the bona fide style-setter). Pictured here in her tough leather bomber (styling steal: roll up your oversized sleeves), squeaky clean white tee, high-waisted jeans and hi-tops, she could be a pin-up girl for normcore circa 2014.

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