If, like me, the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game has taken over your life then you'll know who Willow Pape is, you'll understand the pain of not being able to save enough K stars to buy the hair you really want, and you'll already be quoting the line, "Before you were famous, you were new to Hollywood." If you're not playing (how?!), then all you need to know is that the aim of the game is to transform yourself from an E-list celeb to an A-list star. Sound straightforward? Not quite. It involves being Kim K's virtual BFF, completing tasks in order to gain K stars (money), getting an agent, updating your wardrobe (constantly) starting a few Twitter feuds here and there, grooming your fanbase, dating (a lot) and catching the bus to meet Kim at different spots all over Hollywood. It's a full-time job. Hence my vow to leave (um, soon). Enough is enough. Here are nine reasons why I'm k-wittin'.