OK so essentially what's going on here is that both Cara Delevingne and Zoë Kravitz are rocking super-cute XXL tees, short shorts and sunnies, but look how cool they look! In a game of spot the difference, we can see the following: Zoë totes dresses up her Beastie Boys T-shirt with double-strap heels (want) and a black fedora, while Cara’s keeping it cool in Chanel kicks (dream shoe) and go-faster stripe shorts. Sure, the gurls are steppin' out in NYC and it's like, totally hot there, but tip time: this weekend is officially the last hurrah for summer and a perfect opp to werk your summer threads. So, wherever you may be, make like Zoë and Cara and co-ordinate with your bestie. Pin immediately! 

Want to see how Zoë's rocks are rocking our world? Sure you do.