It's quickly becoming the year of comfortable dressing (phew). Fashion week is now a sea of slogan sweatshirts, tracksuit bottoms are runway-worthy and Chanel did sneakers. This season, the ultimate accessory for any street style celebrity worth their salt is the humble backpack and there are several reasons that this makes us very happy. 1. They're so freaking practical (goodbye dead arm). 2. They're so 1998, it hurts. 3. There are so many mind-blowingly cute ones around.

Always on the lookout for an excellent backpack, we couldn't believe our Instagram when we saw Kylie Jenner and friends, backs turned to camera, sporting three of the most rad backpacks we've ever seen, with the caption, "Chanel, Chanel, Stella McCartney." Jealoussss.

Find out how a brand-new raincoat makes everything less "meh."