Today, millions of teens across the country sharpened their pencils, securely fastened their thinking caps and participated in something so stressful, it actually hurts to think about: the PSAT ☠☠☠. Yes, memories of the pre-test for the equally feared SAT still haunt our dreams, but look on the bright side: it's all in the past (apologies if you did take it, of course)! Oh, but you can totally play the part. High school swag is everything this fall, and we're here for it. Think varsity jackets, boyfriend sweatshirts and jerseys. Basically, you can act like you're on the team — even if the only group you rolled with were the theater kids. Number 2 ✎✎✎ not included. 

Want to know what else rules for Fall '14? Ribbed sweaters.

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