In the iconic words of Regina George (sort of), "Get in loser, we're going trick or treating." Yep, the big night is just around the corner — and even if you're a Halloween hater (in which case we say "BOO"), you'll probably need an on-point lewk. But don't get your pumpkin panties in a bunch - we got you covered. 

With our very own ASOS personal stylist Megan, we'll be hosting a spooktacular (and shoppable, because…. duh) Google+ Hangout this Thursday, October 23 at 1pm EST. Of course, we'll be bringing some other peeps along for the haunted hayride. NYLON's senior beauty editor Jade Taylor and bloggers SoothingSista, Fashion Grunge and One Dapper Street will be on hand to chat everything from costume dos and don'ts to bringing your ghastly get-up from day to night. And guys, there will be plenty of menswear dish as well — so your girlfriend won't be having all the fun. Tune in here — we promise a witchin' time. Also, be sure to follow our hosts below on social media for constant inspo. ☟☟☟