When we heard that Girls star and all-around-superwoman Lena Dunham was sitting down with Caitlin Moran, British journalist and presenters, for a talk promoting her new book Not That Kind of Girl tonight, we didn't even care that it was Halloween — we had to be there. After all, we can dress up as Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette on any other night and still look equally as fierce. So natch, ASOS Magazine's executive editor Francesca Babb headed to the Royal Festival Hall to get in on the action. Here's what Lena dished about. 

1) Taylor Swift really is everything. "I used to say to my friends, 'I really think that if Taylor and I met, we'd be best friends' and they were all like, 'Shut up Taylor hates you' and then we met and she is so rad. I can't say enough great stuff; she is strong, tough and she smells amazing. I bought her album on three different devices."

2) Always dress for yourself. "It really is a pleasure to embody yourself. There are a number of actresses who would rather win best dressed than win an [acting] award, but if I'm going to spend eight hours hours at an awards show celebrating the cast of Two and a Half Men, I'm going to wear something that amuses me. Everyone acts like the big pink dress I wore to the Emmys was an effort to ruin their day. The funny thing was, I felt like I had finally nailed it!"

3) It's okay to say no. "2014 is the year of saying no. Specifically for women, no is a word we're taught not to say when we're young. When women are successful, you feel you have to apologize. But setting boundaries is the only thing that allows us to keep the light on inside us."

4) Anxiety is not always bad. "I've learned to manage [anxiety], although when I was just reading, I started to worry my jaw was aligning weirdly... But my dad once said 'Fear isn't what keeps the plane in the air' and it's true. Everything that's thrown me through a loop has not been the thing I've been worrying about."

5) Embrace girl power. "The best time in history to be a woman is right now," Caitlin said. To which Lena aptly responded, "And it just keeps getting better." #FACT

Lena and Caitlin, we <3 you. Thanks for making Friday night that much more awesome. 

Did you know that Lena has been rocking ASOS on her book tour? Proof here.

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