As anyone who has mastered it will tell you, there's an art to layering. Get it wrong and you're in danger of resembling the abominable snowman in Monsters Inc. (much as we love him). Get it right and well — just check out Olivia Palermo here. Once you've soaked in her wintry princess aura, here are the tips you might have missed: keep your limbs streamlined (tights or jeans for legs, a fitted sweater or jacket on your arms), which allows you to top up with extra duds (boots, a vest) without looking like you're wearing an entire closet. Finally, neatness is next to godliness when it comes to wearing lots of clothes at once: check out how Liv has tucked her hair into a scarf, which in turn is secured by a belt. See? No monster vibes here. 

Alexa shows us how to werk the new party pant here.

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