Flares: they're a stylish step into this season's fave fashion decade, the '70s, but they're a giant leap away from your skinnies, right? Wrong. To werk the wide-ankled pant, the only thing you need to change up is your footwear (chunky '70s sandals look solid). Everything else you're already rocking, from turtleneck sweaters to oversized bomber jackets, will be BFFs with them. 

Plus, denim flares amp a day outfit up a notch (just ask Olivia Palermo, pictured right), while printed versions like Kendall Jenner's are an alternative for when you get bored of all those party dresses. FYI, hers are by Free People who are pros at this leg-lengthening style. Time to get in the new flare zone!

Still scared of flares? Here's another way to wear them — with flats (srsly).

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