So we think it's fair to say that Kim Kardashian and Lorde are pretty unlikely style twins, right? Wrong! We'll probably be waiting a while before we see Lorde sporting a Kim K classic crop top and pencil skirt combo, but the pair are united on the incredible shape-shifting power of a waist-whittling belt. Last week, Kim Instagrammed a pic of her wearing a waist-training corset. Then Lorde showed up to the VMAs this weekend looking all kinds of gothic glam in a Chanel jumpsuit with an ultra-defined, cinched-in waistband. Twinsies! The really good news here is that getting elegantly waisted by popping a belt over a flowing '70s style dress or wafty kimono is a major thing this Fall '14. It's. A. Cinch. 

This is a Kim K look Lorde probably won't copy.