There's no two ways about it. Sienna Miller is currently enjoying a #McConaissance. She's starring in award-nominated films (Foxcatcher and American Sniper, anyone?), is the current Vogue cover girl and her wardrobe is currently taking the lead role on our Pinterest boards.

Then this snap of Sienna in her Céline dress dropped and Instagram broke. Letsbereal, this is all we want from a dress in 2015: knitted? Check. Ribbed? Check. Striped? Check. If you can't afford the Céline price tag (who can?) then just go for a chunky, rib-knit dress or a loose pleated shift for I'm-sorry-I'm-so-ahead-of-the-curve nonchalance.  

It wasn't easy, but we picked Sienna's 10 best looks ever.

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