Memorize Desiree Akhavan's name now, because it's about to blow up. Her first feature-film (which she directed, wrote and stars in), Appropriate Behavior, hits select theaters today (you can also download it on iTunes), and the buzz is big. She describes the flick, the story of a bisexual Persian-American woman named Shirin living in Brooklyn, as a "dark romantic comedy," and hopes viewers will relate regardless of who they are. Oh, and that's not where Desiree's cred stops: she will appear on the current season of Girls as one of Hannah's classmates in Iowa. Yep, we told you: she's gonna be huge. We caught up with Desiree in the middle of a crazy, promo-filled week, and she dished on everything from her friendship with Lena Dunham to surviving the industry (hint: it involves having other awesome female directors on speed dial).