Because, come on, you don't have brunch with just anyone, do you? We're asking some very heavy-hitting Qs about why Alexa Chung and Alex Skarsgård were snapped getting eggs together… alone… on a Tuesday morning… after they'd been out partying together on Monday night at NYFW. We're going to break down the buzz for you here, very simply, in three points, and go some way to explaining why you too should start losing your sh*t over this potential union. 

1. Boy is hot. For real. He is Swedish and he played Eric in HBO series True Blood = basically a brooding vampire with arms that are crying out for a baby lamb.

2. He's named. So was Alexa's ex, Alex Turner. And her name is basically Alex(a).

3. Alex played male model and Derek Zoolander's roommate, Meekus, in Zoolander. And no, we don't think he ever gets tired of being, ridiculously, ridiculously good looking. 

Alexa & Alex Alex 4 ever. 

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