Been paid recently but still broke? Well, here's a super-easy super-hot styling tip that will cost you pretty much zilch if you know the right people, courtesy of RiRi's just-released FourFiveSeconds video. Just take one large men's denim shirt — any boyfriend/dad/brother/housemate/male acquaintance will have one of these lying around — and wear it unbuttoned to the navel. Then, take your favorite belt and secure it tightly around your waist — extra style kudos for doing the twist and tuck.  Match with some boyfriend jeans (all the denim was FourFiveSeconds collaborator Kanye's idea, FYI) and a pair of chunky boots (RiRi's are by Timberland). Accessorize with delicate jewelry to offset the utility wear. And yeah, that's it. You don't even need a bra for true RiRi vibes.

Rihanna scored a Super Bowl win in a lace-up crop top.

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