Last week, Drake (whose social feeds are always on point, FYI) Insta'd a shot of Levi's embroidered with the praying hands emoji — which has become synonymous with the rapper after he infamously got it inked on his arm a few months back. Immediately, we had to find out who did it, so we clicked on over to Good For Nothing Embroidery's 'gram, and found out it's the work of Marie Sophie Lockhart. The French-born babe moved to NYC three years ago from Paris, where she worked at Colette, the high-fashion mecca that hipster dreams are made of. Since then, she's been whipping up rad creations for customers worldwide. Being as we're all about customizing right now (peep our Spring '15 trend guide), we dished with Marie on everything from Drizzy to how to get your needle-and-thread on. Get into it.