Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe 236ml

Product Details

Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe weekly self-tan by Xen-Tan. Featuring a moisturising formula enriched with shea butter and green tea extract, the streak-free self-tan provides an instant, long-lasting dark color with natural olive undertones as well as a fragrant vanilla scent. For best results wait three hours before showering or swimming after application.




Promoting a natural sun-free tan, US beauty brand Xen-Tanis the brainchild of dedicated self-tanners, aiming to achieve a streak-free sun kissed glow. Formulated with a unique time release ingredient and active tanning agent DHA, the range is designed to give a long-lasting buildable tan that fades evenly. Favoured by industry insiders, the award winning range is available in a selection of shades and textures with moisture rich creams, light mousses and sprays to achieve a perfect glow.


Product size: 236ml